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Behind The Traditional Products

behind the traditional products - Behind The Traditional Products

Behind The Traditional Products You can see hand works behind the traditional products if you look closer ! Handmade products are  like gourd lamps always precious just like the ring Golloum followed. Plus traditional handmade products are priceless.   Let’s meet with Mr. Tekeli and Mrs Tekeli. They are couples. Mehmet and his wife Naciye […]

Traditional Gifts

traditional gifts - Traditional Gifts

Why Traditional Gifts? Traditional  gifts are still handmade and their artisans are very few in Turkey. Nevertheless many  people can buy anything they want,maybe not in a week or a year but if they want it so much they can do every possible way to get it.Those are generally car, watch,house,parfume,technological devices,make up things, dresses,suits,holiday,service […]

Turkish traditional clothes

turkish traditional clothes - Turkish traditional clothes

Turkish Traditional Clothes Turkish Traditional Clothes, Clothing changes from country to country even between towns there are apparently difference. And it is also changing during the time. Only some clothing which have meanings and are special become traditional in time. Turkish traditional clothes Those clothes are generally the clothes wearing in special days such as wedding,birth, beginning […]

Old Tradition: Meerschaum Pipes

turkeyfamousfor meerschaum pipes - Old Tradition: Meerschaum Pipes

An Old Tradition: Meerschaum Pipes Making  meerschaum pipes are old tradition which made in Eskisehir. They are habd carved oioes. They are high quality block of meerschaum.The highest quality stone is  only in one place in the world; in  Eskisehir, Turkey Nowadays the meerschaum reserves are rapidly decreased . It is hard to find.The process  of  […]

Turkish Traditional Products

turkish traditional products 1 - Turkish Traditional Products

Turkish Traditional products From handwoven carpets,rugs to handmade knives, leather shoes to confectioneries Turkish traditional products are  popular. Turkish traditional products, collectible dolls , swords, copper, telkari (silver work),Turkish coffee , Turkish hammams,, oltu stone, meerschaum pipes, caftans , hand weaving, iznik tiles, gourd lamps, high quality cotton towels, peshtemals, Devrek Canes,  Kemaliye door knockers we […]

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