2018 Men’s Fashion

2018 Men’s Fashion

2018 Men’s fashion is going to be enjoyable. But the weather shapes it. In spring weather is always unstable till May.You go out with t-shirts and then it gets colder and you need to wear your cardigan. So we can easily say that spring is tough.Today 2018 men’s fashion can compete with women fashion. Men wear trendy items and they care of their clothes more than before. That brings with some conclusions such as the variety of clothes. 2018 men’s fashion for spring-summer has been introduced and we know what is trendy and fashionable this year.

Back To Past

2018 men’s fashion bear the trace of the 60’s , 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Of course much more modern and stylish.

Hawaiian Shirts

Now knock your father’s door and ask him for his Hawaiian shirts. Because you will need them. This summer you are going to see more floral patterns and more colors around. Especially on bags, shorts, trousers and t-shirts. It reminds just summer and holiday. It is happy feeling, trendy and fashionable. The result is happy men around the world. Louis Vuitton has cool collection and they are the leading company which brings past to day.

Pastel Colors


What about suits? If you think who cares suits, think twice. This season you can wear pastel colors. And just like in 80’s and 90’s large suits are back. Checker textures jackets are store front in 2018. You will be both stylish and fun. Push the limits and be brave. What about orange suits?

2018 Men’s fashion has been designed the men who like to feel comfortable but also classy. This season you can combine your shorts with different styles of shirts, blazers or jackets. Try to have fun and show your unique style. Of course don’t forget to wear your leather flip flops or leather sandals with them.

White Clothes


And pure white clothes from head to feet. Is it scary? OK then you can combine color with White clothes.You do not have to walk around like Casper the ghost. A light blue hat or Jean jacket can make you feel safe.

Cargo Pants Back

Welcome Cargo pants. They are trendy and fashionable again. At least they look cool for men’s fashion. If you watched ‘’back to feature’’ then you can imagine Jean jackets with jeans and leather sandals Stop worrying they are more modernized. Your masculinity smells from 100 meters away.

Wearing Pink

Enough masculine styles,let’s dream pink, oh sorry wear pink. Not vivid colors but pastel pinks. Brave and confident men will not hesitate wearing pink. A clue; women loves men who are wearing pink.

We have mentioned styles and colors for 2018 men’s fashion. What about fabric? This season velvet jackets, chiffon shirts, fringed sweaters and sateen suits are trendy.

It is going to be cool summer and season for men’s fashion in 2018. Try to break your chains and enjoy your every single moment. In 2018 feel the freedom and show your unique style.


Or you can stay in your safe circle and keep wearing black,navy blue or grey. Oh how creative ! Right?

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