About Us


The first thing about us is that artisans’ products are our first priority to offer the world. Because Turkeyfamousfor know our artisans are making great handmade stuffs with the knowledge comes from their generations, ancestors. They make great efforts and never get what they deserve.

We try to build a bridge between those artisans and customers who want to buy unique and valuable objects. Handmade knives, handmade dolls, hand carved musical instruments, engraved gourd lamps, beautiful kaftans, hand carved block meerschaum pipes, organic soaps, hand hammered copper, medieval age swords, wet felting rugs, scarves, peshtemals, peshkirs, Turkish hammam sets, Turkish delight, marrons glaces, Turkish halwa and hand carved walking sticks are some from our huge collections. Our responsibility is to make known our cultural objects that we are good at by everybody. When you search for things, you can ask for customized renovations and can get enough information about the objects that you want to buy. All of our products are  made by love/ Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Turkey has been hosted many cultures during the centuries. All cultures have been contributed our culture. We learned and thought many things that reflected our traditional products.

Hand made is original, durable, healthy, beautifully detailed, and it makes you feel special. We believe in hand made creations have souls. So we are just here to be a bridge between artisans and customers.