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What is Anzer honey?

Anzor honey, in Turkey, in the Rize İkizdere and Anzor are produced in the region known as the Plateau. For this reason, it is one of the special honeys that are very rare worldwide.

He knows how to be separated from other honeys in terms of aroma and taste, as the bees consist of honey collected from the flowers that are endemic, that is, only grown in that area.

As we said at the beginning, since it is a limited production area, it is considered as the most special honey in the world and therefore its price cannot be budget friendly unfortunately.

For those who want to benefit from this honey, which is accepted as a natural medicine, our recommendation is to choose anzer honeys that are sold in small jars and are more affordable.

Remember, there are many fake anzer honeys on the market as it is a very precious honey. For this reason, when you want to buy anzer honey, it is very important to buy it from reliable transfers, markets and brands.

One tablespoon of anzer honey per day, strengthens the immune system, protects the body against diseases

Thanks to the phenolic compound it contains, anzer honey can show strong antioxidant effects after it enters the body. This means that it can quickly remove foreign substances that enter our body. Therefore, it does not even work to strengthen the immune system. It is also possible to be protected from diseases with a tablespoon of anzer honey per day.

It supports the rapid healing of many inflammations in the body, especially the inflammation in the tonsils.

“Well, if we are already sick?” If you say, of course, anzer honey is with you in your fight against this disease and provides a faster recovery process. It is known to play a big role especially in cough, sore throat and sputum.

It is recommended especially for those with tonsillitis because it allows the inflammation in the body to dry faster and heal faster.

It is known to have positive effects on blood cleansing.

Anzer honey is known to have antibacterial properties in addition to its antioxidant properties. When all these features come together, our blood also has the opportunity to get rid of foreign substances and microbes more easily.

It helps us to overcome problems such as arteriosclerosis and vascular occlusion.

As you can imagine, we can not only clean our blood by eating a tablespoon of anzer honey per day, but also relax our vessels thanks to this cleaned blood.

When foreign substances in the blood, which cause the vessels to clog and harden, move away from our body, these problems also have the opportunity to disappear.

Since it improves vascular health, it minimizes the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Eating a tablespoon of anzer honey per day provides you to clear the blood in the long term and minimize vascular occlusion and stiffness.

Thanks to the energy it provides to the body, it supports the solution of problems such as fatigue and fatigue.

Anzer honey, which contains many useful substances including vitamin C, potassium and calcium, knows how to remedy those who feel sluggish thanks to all these beneficial components. With anzer honey to be eaten a tablespoon a day, after a while, you start to feel much more energetic and energetic.

Supports healthy functioning of the digestive system, facilitates digestion and appetite

Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, Anzer honey also protects the digestive system, especially stomach health. While being one of the saviors of people with indigestion problems, it is considered as one of the most preferred natural methods for appetite.

Especially if you experience weight gain and complain of loss of appetite, eating a tablespoon of anzer honey at least 1 hour before meals allows you to cope with this problem after a while.

Finally, it is also known for increasing sexual power.

We said that it provides the body with many vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron in Anzer honey, and it gives energy to your body. When these features come together, it creates a sexual enhancing effect in both men and women.

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