Bodrum Sandals Story

Bodrum Sandals

Bodrum Sandals have been popular handmade leather sandals in 1960’s. Greece is very close to Turkey, there have been cultural affects. Bodrum is a seaside town closing to Greek Islands trending year by year. It has beautiful coasts, crystal clean water, big harbor and its natural beauty. For many reasons this beautiful town is a popular tourist attraction. Many famous people from Nicole Kidman to Aleksander Yaroslavsky. Kate Moss to Adriana Lima are coming here for their holidays. They had  natural and beach holiday.. The tourists are interested in handmade leather sandals which they see the quality and get the quality for affordable price.

The gladiator sandals weren’t fashionable sandals until mini skirts were popular. The gladiators drew attention to legs and are popular today.  Because of the gladiator sandals  detailing works, they are more expensive than sandals. Handmade gladiators have slow process due to their nature.

The History Of Sandals

The history of sandals begin with Egyptians. They wore sandals made of palm leaves and papyrus. But Ancient Greek took them and created many types of sandals using leather for men and women.

Shoe making turned into skilled art. First Greek sandals were made from leather or wooden sole attaching the leather straps. Those leather straps wrapped around food and ankle. Greek Sandals were the symbol of their social status. The height of the sole or the color showed the social class of the people. Wealthy people wore soft and colored leather sandals. The dying and lightening process was slow and costly. That’s why colored sandals became a mark for wealthy life. Very wealthy people wore sandals painted gold or covered with gold.

Buskins are the Greek sandals which high officials and actors were wore with tall soles. So they were able to be taller. Though workers wore sandals from thick leather with extra large sole. For the men it was just for the protection. In the myth the gods and goddesses were pictured barefoot except Hermes and Iris. They were wearing sandals with the wings. Aphrodite also was wearing in golden sandals in the picyıres. Both sexes wore Greek sandals in varied ways. Cheap sandals made of wood. Countrymen, priests and philosophers wore felt or linen sandals. If you were slave or maiden , you just carried the sandals in their carpetbags of wealthy  people. Greek Sandals were simple footwear before Pre-hellenic Period. Then Craftsmen decorated with beads and embroidery. In time sandals designs were very elegant, sophisticated, rich ornamentation and beautiful. Both Egyptians and Greek favored sandals.

High Quality Leather

Now when you visit a popular beach or resort shoe where you can pick up your sandals from local handicraft man and ask for custom made. Bodrum sandals were custom made, now they are ready to wear. Of course the most important and valuable thing is to find handmade leather sandals using high quality leather.

The leather in Turkey has reputation due to its rich leather heritage which has legacy of hundreds of years. Becoming one of the biggest producers of high quality leather products. Sheep and goat leather processing takes Turkey second position after Italy. The procedures of processing are very difficult, have great care and long time from the raw skin. The history of Turkish leather in Turkey started in 12 century. After conquering Istanbul the first leather industrial area was established. Today with the help of modern technology we produce high quality products. Quality is the priority to export.

The production is in European standards and environment friendly. Key figures of Turkish Leather Industry are heritage, artisan ship, qualified labor force, physical and technical infrastructure, flexible and high-quality production,immediate adaptation, customer oriented attitude, diversity and fast fashion.

If we back to Bodrum sandals, we can easily say that cultural heritage and figures makes them different  from other sandals. Because every culture reflects their heritage and craftsmanship.

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