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Carpet & Rugs

Carpet & Rugs With White Base is the creation of the feelings and thoughts of Turkish women for over hundreds of years. Each color in each thread has a special meaning. The colors and patterns in Yagci Bedir Rug With White Base is not random. People understand it after many years. All these hand knotted woolen rugs are made in various sizes from 100 % regional wool . They are double knotted. These hand woven rugs have always been produced by the descendants of Yagcibedir Nomads. The name Yagci Bedir Rug With White Base comes from those nomads. They come across as sensitive and romantic society of the high plateaus. They may not have put their feelings on paper. The figures, motives in the oriental rugs are not a result of some coincidence They have deep meanings. Handmade wool carpets is unique hand woven rugs at your home.

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