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Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments Musical instruments are undergoing a renaissance. Waves of techno-cultural innovation are melding arts and sciences, and steadily raising the tide on traditional crafts, turning them on their heads. The musical instruments are transforming, (through networks, sensors, data and computation) is not only a story about the craft of making musical tools. But the […]

Reasons To Start Yoga

Why yoga - Reasons To Start Yoga

10 REASONS TO START YOGA IMMEDIATELY Here we write 10 reasons to start yoga ; Yoga from India, as a word that means integration and take control. By establishing mind, soul and body integrity aims to integrate with the universe. An Indian philosophy. Yoga, when building a stronger body system helping to maintain inner peace. […]

Hand Carving Art; Walking Canes


Hand Carving Art; Walking Canes Devrek is famous for Hand Carving Art; Walking Canes in Turkey and the world. Devrek is a town in Black Sea region, Turkey. When you come to Devrek , you will see a big amazing walking cane statue which means you come to a town where the walking canes are popular. Carving […]

Kemaliye Door Knockers

Kemaliye Door Knockers

Kemaliye Door Knockers Kemaliye door knockers are authentic door knockers which are still made by Mustafa and his son Ali Demircioglu. They are best handmade door knockers because all of them are beautifully handcrafted and shaped. Those unique door knockers have different patterns and different meanings. Father And Son The story of our artisans are […]

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