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Copper is one of the rare metals that it is in its native form. So ancient people used it in early times. Due to its versatility and durability, copper is useful and used for unique kitchen gadgets. It is also a natural antibacterial. Therefore people use it to prevent the spread of bacteria in many ways.

From the Ottoman times  people in Turkey use commonly those unique copper kitchen gadgets and brass bowls, plates, cups, trays, pitchers, cooking pots, serving dishes and utensils. So you’ll find many of it gifts in Turkey’s bazaars, markets and antique’s shop today. You can find some of the heavy one still, but mostly you’ll see modern copies made of thinner ones. Those gifts are attractive, decorative, useful. Today most people buy  pot set , pans, kitchen accessories and brass items for decoration rather than cooking, but if you do intent to cook, be sure you can find a tinner who applies tin. It is easy to find a tinner in any Turkish town to apply the molten tin to the inside of cooking items.


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Copper Mug Set

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