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The Unique Dynamics of Men’s Walking Canes

Mens walking canes for medical purposes such as those recommended to those suffering from an injury or medical conditions are used. Classic walking canes accessories are categorized as men’s walking canes . We offer vintage style walking sticks or canes and collectibles that are handmade using traditional methods of woods of the highest quality like Devrek walking canes.Cranberry trees are proccesed on many steps before they turn into a cane. 2 year drying process and traditional methods makes the canes unique .For some men, who have lived through a substantial span of cane fashion trends believe that canes made of traditional tecniques and those with clean finish are the best choice.Recently, according to this perception men prefer lighter, more fashionable canes often look  good and quality accessory as the part of their wearing. Walking canes is a signiture for men’s world that they can talk about and symbolize their life style and status.  Please browse through some of our walking canes which are still being made with traditional methods and with unique patterns.

Explore Our Exclusive Range of Mens Canes Accessories

You can buy men’s canes in different handle, material, design, texture, color and animal or classic shape pattern on our web store. For the handmade works our walking canes are very reasonably priced. Dedicated to the idea of providing high quality unique and fashionable choices for our customers, we are constantly on the lookout for more value-for-money walking canes. Our walking canes are also a piece of art and a memory for the future to give your grandchildren. We believe you can both use in your daily lifestyle, helping you be more fashionable and sure-footed.We oofer transparent pricing and shipping policies to our customers.

Classy and High Quality Walking Canes

The cane, which dates back to quite ancient times, was an important accessory used by men for nobility and status, especially in the 17th and 18th centuries. Walking sticks, designed in different sizes and shapes, are considered an important part of European men’s wardrobes for many years. The models, which can also be displayed as a decorative accessory, are known to have functions such as weapons and swords, while retaining their basic features. Today, walking sticks are preferred to balance and walk more comfortably after a certain age.

Walking Stick Styles

Walking sticks with mostly wood pieces as raw materials; There are different types such as orthopedic, wand type, self-handle, false handle, inlay, engraving and engraving. Products with orthopedic handles easily adapt to the palm of the hand and provide a high level of comfort during walking. Short-handled scepter products are shaped with an oval bun and different figures. Models with inlaid and motif handles can be designed with numerous combinations depending on craftsmanship. The cane models with stools made of two different parts have a highly functional structure. Next to the main stick piece, which serves as a cane, there is a stool section that can be opened optionally and installed quickly.
Models, also known as walking poles or canes, are used by a wide range of trekking enthusiasts. Off road walking canes are ideal for cleaning the road by cleaning spider webs or thick bushes. It also allows you to go further with less effort on long distances, as it reduces stress on the knee, hips, legs and feet. Extra support when climbing uphill; It can be preferred for braking while driving downhill. It can also be used to determine the water depth before the river passes through marshes and puddles. Alpinism-style climbing and trekking activities in the cold season also have steel handles and more functional models designed for high performance.

Classy Walking Sticks Prices

Walking stick prices; It varies depending on the brand, model, quality, design, material variety, accessories and handwork of the product. Obtained from the most special pieces of durable timber in the style of walnut, ebony, cranberry and cherry wood; The price of the models with precious materials such as silver, gold, bone and mother-of-pearl is higher. At the same time, the price of the models that have collection value and are special production can be extremely remarkable. Devrek walking sticks, which are known from our country to abroad, are offered to users with a wide range of price options. Goats’ feet, snakes, eagles, falcons, rams and dragons. There are many Devrek Walking Stick models with natural motif, twisted, lozenge pattern and sliced ​​body.

Why They Are Prestigious

The difference between a cheap sticks and an best hand carved walking sticks are not that the materials used. It is because of the time it takes for a master craftsman to fully decorate a stick as a work of art.

Most of the statesmen visiting Turkey, our government give those luxury walking sticks as  gifts.

Because they are handmade walking sticks, every cane is unique and slightly different from each other.

Please keep in mind that each cane is unique by creation. We promise you same design, same dimensions but can’t promise exactly the same  that you see in product visuals.There might be slight difference which you can hardly see. It is truly handmade. Our luxury walking canes and walking sticks are traditional handmade gifts.

The variety of materials and hand workmanship have a special importance during the production of canes. Both Devrek models and imported products have various examples where different materials are used in harmony. Products prepared with special channel and joining techniques have an eye-catching appearance. Organic materials such as bones and horns; It is possible to use gold, silver and natural stones together with wood in the stems and body parts of the cane after long manual labor. In particular, you can store multi-piece products for years without any loss in value as they are collective. You can examine the walking sticks in detail, which you can choose for yourself as a gift for your loved ones; you can easily have the models that best suit your needs, tastes and expectations
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