Dirilis Turgut Alp Axe

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Dirilis Axe

Dirilis Axe is the axe from the famous Turkish series called Dirilis Ertugrul. It is Turgut Alp’s axe. It is very sharp and durable. The steel and wood are the main materials. There are leather details for easy use. Dirilis Axe has the same power sharpness.




Turgut Alp Resurrection Series Dirilis Axe

Dirilis Axe is the axe from the famous Turkish series called Dirilis Ertugrul. It is Turgut Alp’s axe. It is very sharp and durable. The steel and wood are the main materials. There are leather details for easy use. Dirilis Axe has the same power sharpness.

You can have it as for the decoration or you can use it.

It is inspired from the real character Turgut Alp’ axe from the history. With this axe he was a legend and hero who fought bravely in the war fields.

Turkish warrior Turgut Alp …

Who is Turgut Alp?

Here is the biography of Turgut Alp.

Turgut Alp, who has very little information about his life, is not a historical figure but also a legendary person who appears in folk narrations. In addition to this claim, the first Ottoman chronicles are called for due to various military activities in some Byzantine sources. The name Alp is a reputable name. This title indicates that he or her father has the authority in the service of the Seljuk State.

It is known that Turgut Alp was alive in 1334-35 but he was quite old. There are some rumors about the proximity of Geyikli Baba from the dervishes living near the Monk Mountain around İnegöl. The name of Turgut Alp was given to İnegöl region after his death and it was called Turgut-ili. Aşıkpaşazâde, Neşri and other historians, who are living in the early Ottoman period, commemorate İnegöl region as Turgut-ili. This naming has disappeared since the 16th century.

According to the accounts of the first Ottoman sources, Turgut Alp was found next to Osman Bey and took part in the retrieval of Yarhisar and was later assigned to the conquest of İnegöl. In the sources, it is mentioned that Turgut Alp came to help when Turgut Alp surrounded the city. It was also noted that during the conquest of İnegöl, the city’s ruler Aya Nikola was executed for his hostile activities against the Turks and the city’s administration was given to Turgut Alp. Then Turgut Alp, along with Köse Mihal, joined Orhaneli conquest next to Orhan Gazi. Orhan Bey, who came to the news of the owners of Atranos fall from a fortress when he was running away from a rock and the castle was easily seized. At the same time, the reception of Atranos also facilitated the conquest of Bursa.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Dirilis Turgut Alp Axe

    Hamza Reheman
    November 19, 2019
    Amazing axe . Well made strong feel in hand and surprisingly weighty . Leather is good quality . Definitely worth the wait and price
    Dirilis Turgut Alp Axe photo review
    Nathan B.
    May 14, 2019
    I am glad with my axe. It is a very Resurrection axe.Fast shipping and quality was amazing. Thank you for living quite trusty experience. There is always someone there when you have questıon on mind. Strongly recommend the axe and website.
    Dirilis Turgut Alp Axe photo review
    Anna Rigg
    May 14, 2019
    The axe is magnificent. Beautifully crafted. Turgut Alp would be very proud too use it! I love it and I love the service of Turkey Famous For. Reliable, generous and efficient. Thank you
    Dirilis Turgut Alp Axe photo review
    May 7, 2019
    I love the Resurrection Ertugrul series. My favorite hero, Turkut Alp. I admire his war and his ax. On the tribe engraved on free. Thank you. I want to buy a sword on the next purchase.I will come back.
    Umar Haque
    April 3, 2019
    This is such a beautiful axe!!! I love it!!! Feels solid and is full sized (99cm). Any fan or Dirilis Ertugrul should definitely have one of these! HaydirAllah!!! HaqdirAllah!!!

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