Famous Things To Buy In Turkey

Famous Things to Buy in Turkey

Famous Things to Buy in Turkey

We will try to tell famous things to buy in Turkey. Even you do not like spending money when you visit somewhere, you can not resist shopping in Turkey. Love or not You will absolutely find something to buy and do not want to miss this opportunity. We are going to make a list fort he most popular items that you want to buy. But first of all we tell you expensive items which are valuable and unique.     If an item does not display a price tag, it means that the seller is open minded for bargaining. He will say the price, and you should better offer with another amount that is approximately 20% lower. The process has begun, and you go back and forth until both of you agree on a exact price.     Shaking hands on the price is like a tradition of giving your word.  Do not forget that it will not a quick process. But it is worthy when you buy what you really want.  Polite conversations about your travel plans, friends, family and work might help this process during the bargaining. Be sure that you will be offered tea as well. Although the aim is to get a competitive price, try to relax and enjoy the cultural tradition of bargaining.

Famous Things to Buy in Turkey


Carpets and Rugs

Buying a Turkish carpet is about much more than a souvenir. Authentic Turkish carpets are handwoven, often taking months and depending on the size, even years. The patterns and colors reflect traditions and cultural beliefs from the area of Turkey where it comes from. Simerugs Most regions are famous for their carpets including Milas, Usak and Konya, Isparta,Sındırgı, Bayat, Afyon and etc. Just be careful, because unfortunately many Chinese fakes have flooded the market. If you want to buy something of a smaller size, look at kilims and rugs which will also be easy to pack in your suitcase.

Tea and Coffee

Tea is our national drink for sure, and across the country.  Turkish people drink dozen cups of tea every day. Many different varieties you can find for sale. To be honest the best tea comes from Hemsin, Rize. Traditionally, tea is served in tulip-shaped glasses ( which has won best design award ) sitting on small trays. Buying  a set of it make you remember your travel for all time.     Turkish coffee is another thing/ It has a strong and distinctive taste. To make and serve it correctly is an art work. Buy a small copper pot (called Cezve) and the little cups to serve. Because it is better than espresso.

Sweet Baklava and Turkish Delight

Baklava is a delicious afternoon or evening snack, and the most famous sweet dish in Turkey. No matter where they are. Many Turkish housewives make it using old family recipes, especially for Ramadan festival. Look for. Karakoy Gulluoglu in Istanbul where you can eat delicious baklava.     Do not forget to try Turkish delight, which you can buy in small boxes from any souvenir shops. There are many flavor of Turkish delight. Saffron, fig, rose and many variety of Turkish delight you can find. If you are in Istanbul, visit the Haci Bekir shop, of which their ancestors invented.  Turkish delight for the Ottoman sultans. Also Safranbolu Turkish Delight is organic and made with saffron which is the most expensive spice.  
  This is a short list of famous things to buy in Turkey. You may also like to read our article about traditional gifts that you can find many handmade items which are unique.

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