Wet Felting Techniques

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Wet Felting Techniques

Wet felting techniques have ancient techniques, dating from approximately 2,000 years ago. Needle felting.wet felting and nuno felting are the some techniques of making felt. Needle felting uses barbed needles to stab and tangle the wool fibres together, and Nuno felting bonds wool fibres to a sheer fabric, usually silk to make a light weight felted fabric. Process of wet felting techniques has no sewing or stitch.

In the wet felting process, hot water is applied to layers of wool or wool yarns, while repeated agitation and compression causes the fibers to hook together or weave together into a single piece of fabric..

The story of felt was that a shepherd boy lined his sandals with wool to prevent his feet from getting cold. By the end of the day, when he removed his footwear he noticed that the wool had felted. Because he sweated, heated while he was walking.Today felt is popular as a craft. and it is a kind of felting art.

CARING: If you want to clean your felted products, you should need warm water and a piece of cloth. Make your a piece of cloth wet in soapy warm water, then apply on the felted objects.And let it dry.That’s it. Enjoy your felt.

Our Felting Master Ahmet Yasar Kocatas

Ahmet Yasar Kocatas was born in 1950 in Afyon,Turkey. His father was a felting master and thought this art to his son. After his father death he continued to make felt as a fine art. He has been making felted projects for 60 years. Master Ahmet has attended many international fairs, exhibitions and his felts has been exhibited in many museums. He contributed to social awareness of felting. Our master reflects his mood and his emotions to his new designs. He is still felting master in Afyon felting bazaar. Ahmet Yasar Kocatas continues to work at his own workshop where is almost 20 square meters. It is small and old but he makes the most beautiful feltings in.

In 2016 according to UNESCO, he has been chosen ‘A Living Human Treasure’. It means that a person who possesses to a high degree the knowledge and skills required for performing or re-creating specific elements of the intangible cultural heritage.

Ahmet Yasar Kocatas is making felting with a big enthusiasm like the first day. We thank him to share his felted rugs, table runners and scarves at Turkeyfamousfor.

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