Floss Halva With Pistachio


8.8 oz

The ingredients are very simple; sugar, pistachio,  butter, wheat flour. the strands are continuously wrapped into a ball shape. The taste is not simple, it is very special


TurPismaniye is king of sweet treat and has various types. With pistachio or walnut and flavored with vanilla or chocolate are some varieties. This halva is preparing with a special method. The best Pismaniye ,floss havla or cotton candy is in Kocaeli, Turkey.More buttery and intense flavor is called Saray Halva. This version is intense flavor. It is like a tradition in Turkey to buy one or two packages of those dessert to gift to someone at your destinationkish Traditional Dessert

We have some famous traditional desserts like Turkish Delight, Saray  Halva,  Pismaniye (Cotton Candy or Floss Halva. You can find all traditional tastes at Turkeyfamousfor

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