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Gourd Art

In Turkey we make gourd truly handmade lampshades which we work with farmers who water the calabash and feed them with goat based fertilizers.  The gourd is much influenced in its quality by the soil and the climate in which it was grown. That’s why we get thick and strong calabash which means they have high quality.

An organic calabash, the skin is somewhat translucent when lit from within, so white wood pieces are in layed to create both decorative design, and opacity. Each lamp is  handcrafted, beginning with  sketches, outlining and charting the pattern, through the gourd processing, like cleaning, engraving, carving, perforating, painting and protecting, creating the base of the lamp and, at the end, montage of the whole lamp.

To design a good lampshade it takes time. Lighting can change so many things in everyone’s life when the night get darker.Do not underestimate the magic of shadows. The average calabash used for designing  is usually 10-12 inches tall and 9-10 inches wide. Each calabash is unique by creation  So you will have the unique item when you buy it.

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Gourd Lamps

Gourd Lamps

Or Turkish Pumpkin Lamp..

Turkish Gourd Lamp models are available online. Want to buy a pumpkin lamp?

And you ask a where to buy Gourd Lamp?
Then you’re at the right place.

Gourd Lamp

We can say that it was a copy or continuation of 2018 for Gourd Lamp sector. The models designed in 2016 and earlier remained the best-selling models and most preferred colors in the sector, but could be described as the year 2019 Gourd Lamp. The reasons for this qualification are that 2018 will be the year of gourd masters to choose the best, the special designs and patterns become popular with the Boho style, and a home decor wind will show itself in 2019.

This year will be exhibited in the most beautiful corner of your home with the most attractive products and the gourd lamp will create a wonderful ambience in your home.

Now you can browse our gourd lamps as model, price, color and sales channels.

Gourd Lamps Models

With many richer and more dizzying models compared to the past years, many pumpkin artists have already prepared their designs and gradually bring them together with their customers. Of course, the first months of the year, christmas, christmas and snow composition, accompanied by classical designs will show itself, although this will change from March to the home decoration products, both lighting and contradictory designs will be prominent.

Especially in the living room and bedroom, we will see plenty of special designs with shade winds and shadow patterns coming into our lives again. The models that are studied in terms of the unique reflection of the shadows on the wall will also save the redundancies with the miniscule qualities to be used in the bedrooms. We know that designers have been working day to day since July to make it more dizzy.

Pumpkin lamps can be used in winter and summer places easily.

If you’re not in a vineyard house, there’s no better option than to have a dimly lit lighting and a special image in a corner of your home or office in the city.

Pumpkin Shadow with the hand-carved gourd lamp in the industry aiming a radical change in the sector nowadays special patterns of the bohemian sense of the special patterns are working to give a different know that they are working on. These pumpkin lamps to be produced with special engraving and burning techniques will also be much easier to use and practical.

If they supply this product to the market at an affordable price, the demand will be enormous and the idea of ​​an authoritarian lighting, including home decor products and lighting products, is undisputed.

Gourd Lamp Patterns

Especially butterfly, beads, female figures dominate the pumpkin lamp pattern.

Gourd  Lamp Prices

From the most expensive Pumpkin Lamp products to the most affordable Pumpkin Lamp products, there is a common movement in the industry about design and patterns. The same models and the same colors or patterns, but the difference in price may be confusing your mind, but it’s actually very easy to explain it like other sectors.

Material used in production: Products Natural and grow in a pumpkin garden. Raising costs and quality brands generally use the products such as pumpkin, accessories, lighting, cable or beads to be used in their products after an intensive R & D work and endurance test. The prices of gourd lamp products are also increasing.

Craftsmanship in production: Craftsmanship related to gourd cultivation, dealing with the garden and the collection of pumpkins and quality control after workmanship are so dense and more costly. The high quality of workmanship can lead to a decrease in production capacity per capita. This means that the increase in the labor time spent on each product increases the cost of the increasing workmanship hour, and it also means to spend extra time when quality control comes into effect after the production, and that each gourd lamp is tested and then disposed of several products in production. cost factors. Keep in mind that only two people work to produce these products from the very beginning to the very end.

Brand recognition: While brands do not produce the same product, the brand’s reputation is more natural than a brand that is appealing to a much wider audience and who sells this brand as high quality, unique. Because brand managers spend a lot more labor and money from pre-sales and after-sales services, decoration, logo, and personnel selection in order to make this brand reliable, high quality and unique, and this makes the products it sells more expensive.

As a matter of fact, if you look at sectorally, you do not need to pay very high prices for gourd lamp products which are produced for your special moments which are not produced for daily use. Already in a certain part of the day you will use these products to pay attention to be dizzying things, be impressive and your home will be beautiful. So take a very inexpensive product and don’t let a simple product produced by beads.

Buy Gourd Lamp

Especially in Turkey gourd lamp large part of the sales made over the internet and new models are introduced on the internet all over the world, especially in the market. For this reason, there are authoritarian sites that are followed by users who are prone to make purchases on the internet. However, there must be a bit of courage to embark on new excitement, such as new models, new designs and new designs.

Online Live Support: Online live support is actually a customer representative who spends your time working exclusively for you. This customer representative waits to assist you with any systematic errors that may occur during or after your order. Questions and problems about the products, the problems you experienced during the ordering process and the status of your order, cancellation and refund processes such as your head at the very end of the problem you are experiencing and waiting to resolve the real, live customer representatives to show that the company is taking this business seriously.

Wide Choice: Variety of products, How many products a company is trying to satisfy many customers and to be the cause of preference. With more than 1000 products, our company has a wide range of products.

Site Security Certificate: In fact, the SSL certificate, which is a fully technological and digital certificate, clearly demonstrates how much a company attaches importance and care to customer information. Any transaction you have made to sites with SSL certificates is encrypted in a high-security manner. It securely encrypts your information such as name, last name, address, phone number, email address and credit card, and especially keeps you in contact with your bank in credit card purchase transactions.

Our site has 256bit SSL certificate and we encrypt all the information of our customers with this certificate. Therefore, all the information you have entered through our site is secure and encrypted so that it is never accessed by a third party.

Gourd Lamp models, colors, pricing etc. We have tried to answer any questions you may have, but you can write any questions and any problems you may have on your 7/24 Live Support line to your dedicated customer representative or send an e-mail to