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Kayı Flag

The Kayi Tribe Flag, which is unique to the lands where the Ottoman epic started, is created by writing white letters “IYI” on a blue background. The apricot flags, which are prepared by our professional team by knowing their historical importance, are produced according to the demands of our customers.

The Kayı Tribe Flag, whose template is remembered from the series, has begun to make our nation popular with its excitement. Based on this awareness, we are partnering with this excitement with our highly qualified flags. As a whole team in every production we make, we relive our history and dream of good future days. In order to keep our customers satisfied, we produce and deliver our products carefully and error-free.

Kayı Flag Sizes

The size of the apricot flag, which is one of the quality products we obtain using satin or raschel fabric, can vary according to the usage area of ​​our customers. The most demanded of the kayı flag sizes, which are delivered with a stick in accordance with the original, can be used in open areas.

Kayı Flag Prices

We do not upset our customers about the apricot tribe flag prices that we produce by using the highest quality fabrics and throwing strong stitches. In order to support our history and make our flag appear everywhere, the most attractive discounts in the prices of the flag-length are in our company.

We are one of the most ambitious companies in terms of Ertugrul flag prices in our sector with our periodical campaigns, discounts in bulk shopping and attractive payment options. As a result of negotiations with our customer representative, you can determine the most suitable payment alternatives for your budget and receive the product you want in any time.

You can review the prices of the Kayi Tribe flag, fill the order form and review our offers on our website. Kayı Tribe Flags are delivered worldwide with the support of our company. Our productions continue at full speed with the honor of protecting our history. You can use our website, e-mail address or phone numbers to reach the flag of kayi tribe, which is one of our best quality products, and visit our workplace to receive your products.

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