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Collectible dolls; The story of Kitre doll

It is called ”Kitre Doll” because of the astragalus which is a plant that has been used for making kitre dolls. Mostly the head and hands parts are made of astragalus and cotton. The body part is made of padding on a wire. The artisan makes hand sewing for the clothes and shoes according to The portray of the doll.  Regional fabrics are used for the clothes. The items such as needle lace scarf, hand woven vest or pullover, felting hats or vests are all hand made products. To color the doll  watercolor, acrylic paint, guaj paint are used. The materials in the nature are used for completing the doll. Kitre doll and the materials that are used in the portray are the miniature dimensions which are scaled of real dimensions. Kitre doll is such a Turkish doll both the materials and the technique.

Even though it is called Kitre DOLL , it is such a valuable trinket that has been shaped and made in care of sculptor. And also it  is a kind of archive records Because it tells us the periods of past time. For that reason we can easily say that kitre dolls contribute the folklore because of the ethnographic facts of them.

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