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Sandals are open shoe models with straps and retainers that are fastened on a plain sole with different shapes. Unlike slippers, it has a cord that grips the back and a more durable sole system. The most characteristic feature of the sandals is that it is open and can be fixed to the foot like shoes. Very lightweight men’s sandals models are designed for comfortable use. It is one of the frequently preferred shoe models, especially in regions with high air temperatures and humidity. Recently, white men’s sandals models are preferred more because of their comfort and appearance.

Men’s Sandals Models

There are many models of men’s sandals with different styles and ergonomic features. Sandals made of various materials such as leather, rubber, elastane and fabric offer different usage options for stylish and comfortable men. It can perfectly adapt the models suitable for travel, travel and casual use to the style of casual and sportswear; You can wear it with shorts and bermuda, or you can wear it with linen, fabric and jeans.

Fishing sandals are among the products used by men in T-bar models. In these models, the central length, which continues along the foot, surrounds the foot with the help of leather bands intertwined with the strap. Adjustable cross strap and straps can be secured with classic buckle or clip-on locks. In leathery models, traditional leather upper and lower parts are often used. It has a very harmonious line with classic summer shirts and monochrome shorts and bermudas.

Roman and Greek sandals offer different design features and model options. It has more extraordinary and unique designs thanks to the cross cord and ankle strap systems. The shape of the base is generally flatter and tougher than other models. Since the laces are not located, they are fixed to the foot with a belt buckle or velcro straps. It provides stylish integrity with light summer shirts, linen or fabric shorts and leather belts of similar colors.

Men’s Sandals Prices

Men’s sandals shoes prices; It has a wide price range depending on the characteristics such as the variety of materials used, design features, workmanship, brand and model of the product. Models that require high labor and are prepared with leather soles and parts have a slightly higher price line. Made of materials such as foam sole and artificial leather; You can get products that will meet your daily needs in areas such as parks, beaches and seaside with more reasonable prices.

Trekking sandals, which have different usage areas in the variety of sandals, are designed to be able to withstand rough terrain conditions such as muddy and gravel floors and to be suitable for long walks without tiring the foot. Rubber materials effectively isolate the temperature, while the lightweight sole made from materials such as EVA and Velcro supports foot comfort. The bands that can be adjusted from different points allow the sandals to grip the foot better. Sandals with different features are among the indispensable footwear models for men who place comfort in both daily and outdoor use.

Outdoor sandals are durable and lightweight, just like walking and trekking models. Polyester and elastane interior materials speed up the drying of the sandals in the face of moisture and wetness. The outer surface and rubber base systems surrounded by neoprene or fabric lining have superior ground holding ability. You can easily choose outdoor models, moderate rock climbing and rough terrain walks, as well as activities such as rafting and paragliding.

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