Marrons Glaces Dark Chocolate


Chestnut confectionery with edible fresh chestnuts contain digestible dietary fiber of a good quality. Starch and various sugars, protein, oil in low percentage and minerals such as vitamins B1.B2 and C.

 9.8 oz / 15.8 oz / 19.7 oz

Ingredients; fresh chestnuts, dark chocolate, chestnut, sugar, cacao, cacao oil, flavor, glycerol, glucose syrup, preservatives, keep in cool.


Our morrons glaces may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts. Pack helps keep the treats fresh. Shelf life is 1 year

Turkish Traditional Dessert

We have some famous traditional desserts like Turkish Delight, Saray  Halva,  Pismaniye (Cotton Candy or Floss Halva. You can find all traditional tastes at Turkeyfamousfor

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