Meerschaum Pipe Dog Head


Lucite-acriylic stem


Length: approx  16-17 cm /6,3”

Height: 5 cm/1,9”

Bowl diameter: 5 cm/1,9”

Bowl depth: 4 cm/1,5”

High Quality Meerschaum Pipes

The highest quality stone is  only in one place in the world; in Eskisehir, Turkey. All meerschaum pipes are made in Eskisehir Nowadays the meerschaum reserves are rapidly decreased and it is hard to find. The process of getting those blocks are really difficult.

It is mined 30 to 450 feet below the surface of the earth, No machine is used but only hand tools to drill even in bad weather conditions. Meerschaum is light weight and soft and chalk-like.

Those valuable meerschaum pipes are mined traditionally with hand tools also hand carved uniquely by Turkish artisans. Shaping and carving is done when it is soft After drying process the polishing technique by the artisan uses is also unique just like the art work. Meerschaum pipes are the natural filter for nicotine because of its material and absorbs the nicotine then changes its color from yellow to amber to brown

For collectors it is the best idea to leave their meerschaum pipes from generations to generations as an antique memory.

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