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The Pipe To Accompany Your Tobacco

Pipo is a highly used product. It is ideal for those who want to live from a different angle. You can buy many different types of tobacco with pipes and try them all. Pipe tobacco is available in a wide variety of fragrances and densities. You should use the trial and error method to find a tobacco suitable for you and to drink comfortably. Because everyone’s preference and taste will be different. Weights and odors of tobacco differ from each other. Pipe tobacco is different from that in a cigarette or cigar and is specially produced and mixed. Since the humidity should be at a certain level, it goes through special processes. Tobacco is put into the combustion chamber with a special tobacco spoon and burned with a lighter. There are also different types of mouthpieces. Filters reduce the negative effects of tobacco on your health to some extent. The pipe filter can be made of wood, carbon, metal or brass. While filters that were mostly wood were used in the past, filters made of carbon are currently preferred. While metal filters can be used intermittently without the need to wash and replace, you should replace the carbon models every time. Pipe filter types will provide you with a dry and cold drink. Also, generally the filter lengths are 6mm and 9mm. It is recommended that you clean your pipe before and after me. You can do this cleaning only with a special pipe cleaning stick. Cleaning rods are long, designed to fit the pipe in the body and mouth and surrounded by cotton. Thanks to its ergonomic structure, you can easily clean your pipe with these sticks. You can also purchase the cleaning lotion and shine externally. Thus, you can always keep your pipe new and clean like the first day. Another pipe cleaning tool is the pipe cleaning brush.

Pipe Models, Features and Prices

Pipes are formed in the nozzle, pipe body or tobacco chamber, filter and nozzle parts. Pipes can be divided into models according to many variables. However, they are more common in different models in terms of appearance. According to the external appearance, the material carved in the classification, the shape of the mouthpiece and the chamber are of great importance. It is known that there are more than 40 pipe types. Their handmade models are one of the most sought after varieties. These pipes are produced in limited numbers and are handmade and they are all very different because they are different. There are also models with hand embroidery. Therefore, pipe prices may vary depending on whether it is handmade or not. Another classification method is based on the pipe filter. You can find the models sold with direct filter as well as without filter. Thus, you can use your pipe with a filter in any style. But those with metal filters are usually sold with their filters. Pipe filter prices also vary depending on the material from which the filter is produced. The hood and the tobacco chamber can be made of different materials. Although wood is generally used, there are varieties produced from glass, stone, ceramic, clay, meerschaum and similar materials. Glass models are mostly water-powered pipes. From these hookah-like pipes, the smoke first goes to the water and is drawn from there. In other models, it is consumed after being filtered directly. Pipes are generally produced from materials such as rosewood root, ebony, broom grass, meerschaum and gum tree root. Ebony models are darker and mostly black. The body part of the pipes can be different as well as the models of the mouth parts and the materials they are made of. Using pipes can be a bit of a tough job. You should also have a tobacco spoon with a piercing, suppressor and scraper. With this spoon, you should put the tobacco in the bowl and push it, then burn it with a special pipe lighter or match. The overall lengths of all pipes, including the inner bore, outer diameter, inner height and outer height, also vary. Generally it is between 12 and 15 cm and pipes with a size of 20 cm are called long pipes.



Bamboo Poker Pipe

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Eagle Claw Pipe



Eagle’s Claw Pipe

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Meerschaum Pipes

Meerschaum Pipe Dog Head

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