Payitaht Abdulhamid Series Ottoman Order of Mecidiye Medal Brooch


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Payitaht Abdulhamid Series Order of the Ottoman Order of Mecidiye Medal Brooch

The Mecidiye Order, which is always carried on by Sultan Abdülhamid Han and which is also included in the new season trailer of Abdülhamid II, is among the most special accessories due to its symbolic meaning. You can have this stylish design in your special box as a licensed product.

If you are interested in historical accessories or want to present a special and precious gift to your loved ones; You can easily get your order by ordering from our website in the special design produced from 925 sterling silver and using zircon stone in its workmanship.

Product features

It is made of bronze and silver.
It weighs about 34 grams.
Red glass enamel is used for crafting.
Product dimensions: Length: 55 mm Width: 60 mm

Product design

This engagement is embroidered with 19 moon-star white enamels on the red base, the white enamel at the top of the engagement, and the part of the star that is connected to the pendant end of the star, contains a painting of the İklil-i Şerif-i Delil (crown of the crown).

The Order of Mecidiye

The Ottoman Empire was the military and heroic title designed by Sultan Abdulmecid.
It is the most long-lasting sight in the Ottoman Empire.


Some Important Persons Receiving Order of Mecidiye:

M. Kemal Ataturk’s Republic of Turkey’s founding leader II on December 25, 1906. Abdul-Hamid was awarded the Order of the Order of the Order of the Middle East for his excellent service in Damascus, as captain of the staff.
Sultan II. Another name given by Abdul Hamid is Louis Pasteur, who saved his life by finding the rabies vaccine and saving millions of lives. This development II. Abdülhamit’s importance to science and scientists clearly shows.



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