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Turkish Hammam Sets

Classic Peshtemal

silky-black-peshtemalSilky Black Peshtemal 3 247x296 - Silky Peshtemal

Peshtemals & Peshkirs

Silky Peshtemal

peshtemal-peshkir-setPeshtemal Peshkir Set Pink 3 247x296 - Peshtemal Peshkir Set

Turkish Hammam Sets

Peshtemal Peshkir Set

hand-weaving-setHand Weaving Set Brown 1 247x296 - Hand Weaving Set

Turkish Hammam Sets

Hand Weaving Set

$35.00 $30.00
Natural Cherry Peshtemal 1 247x296 - Natural Cherry PeshtemalNatural Colour Peshtemal 2 247x296 - Natural Cherry Peshtemal

Turkish Hammam Sets

Natural Cherry Peshtemal

$32.00 $25.00
avocado-leaves-peshtemalBeige Leaves Peshtemal 247x296 - Avocado Leaves Peshtemal

Peshtemals & Peshkirs

Avocado Leaves Peshtemal


Peshtemals Peshkirs

If you visit Turkey you will know the peshtemals peshkirs. In our hammams we use it constantly. The nature of peshtemal is the best product for hammams. The weaving of peshtemals peshkirs are special. It is mostly organic and hand woven peshtemals peshkirs. Besides it is the most comfortable after bath product. A peshtemal absorbs  all water on your body easily. It dries very fast. The peshtemals pehskirs are very light even they are wet. It is best for your travels, on the beach that you can replace with your heavy towels and also you can use after the showers at can forget heavy towels. A stylish peshtemal is more than peshtemal. If you want, you can use it cool wrap, stylish scarf or beautiful tablecloth.This stylish peshtemal will be best Turkish bath product for you

Turkish cotton products are both softer, fluffier, and more absorbent even with successive washing. This characteristic of Turkish cotton provides maximum absorbency and efficient drying. The other specialty of Turkish cotton are their weaving technique. Traditional Turkish cotton were woven at very old hand looms by the expert masters from old times. You can find  wide range of hand woven cotton peshtemals at Turkeyfamousfor.

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