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Food and Dessert

Turkey is famous for Turkish Delight as food and dessert. The best Turkish delights are in Safranbolu.

If you come to Safranbolu you should taste the world-famous Turkish delights. Although Safranbolu delight is different from the others they are lighter and healthier.

The hardness of water which in terms of being rich-mineral and  natural sugar distinguish to our delight . It is made various types of Turkish delight in the city; coconut, hazelnut, double blasted, saffron, gum drops and with rose. You can certainly be sure that you will get organic and fresh

We found the best locum in Safranbolu The kaymaklı locum tastes nearly identical to an American marshmallow, but 10 times better. Safranbolu recently became a UNESCO world heritage site.

best-turkish-delight-nut-blueberries-flavorBest Turkish Delight Nut Blueberries Flavor 1 Kopya 247x296 - Best Turkish Delight Nut Blueberries Flavor
buy1 get1 turkish coffee pack 247x296 - Buy1 Get1 Turkish Coffee
classic-turkish-delight-locumClassic Turkish Delight Locum 3 247x296 - Classic Turkish Delight Locum
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dark chocolate halvaDark Chocolate Halva 3 1 247x296 - Dark Chocolate Halva

Food & Dessert

Dark Chocolate Halva

Colorful Gourd Lampshade is not a gourd lamp but best gourd art.Those most amazing gourd lamps are made by our artisan.  We give the organic gourd lamp patterns which we always try to make fresh, modern and exotic and handmade best gourd art. These most amazing gourd lamps are the best gourd lamps
halwa-with-saffron-walnut-flavorhalwa with saffron walnut flavor 1 247x296 - Halwa With Saffron Walnut Flavor
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Bursa Marrons Giaces

Marrons Glaces Classic


Bursa Marrons Giaces

Marrons Glaces Dark Chocolate

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