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Double Door Knocker

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Leaves Door Knocker


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The iron craftsmen still making old Ottoman style unique cool front door knockers which all have with different symbols and affordable prices.Handmade door knockers are demanded by people around the world to characterize their home.Turkish patterns which are used belong to old centuries and used by Gokturks, Seljuks and effected from traditions and cultures.Completely handmade by 4 generations of the same family in Turkey. Designer were taught from his ancestors and contributed his knowledge by searching more. You can see bird, eagle, lion, snake doorknockers.

Your front door design describes the character of your home. It is the first impression you give to your visitors. It is more important than the appearance. It is like a footprint of your home.

All over the world all countries carries their cultures and traditions on this detail. Today they are more valuable and popular because it is kind of door art anymore.

If you want to give housewarming gift or make your door more characteristic you can Buy affordable handmade We are sure that you will find a design that you will fall in love at least one of those unique door knockers