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Riq Drum instrument

Tambourines or riq, which are percussion instruments, reach you with different brands, features and designs. Tambourine models suitable for many activities from school events to concerts are produced. Tambourines used when performing Alaturka music, Western music and ethnic melodies can have different structures. For example, skinned riq varieties, bell tambourine models, and both leather and bell tambourines can be found. In addition, the qualities, thickness, sounds, pulleys, and diameters of tambourines used in the instruments vary from model to model. Suitable for users of all ages, this instrument also attracts musicians with its appearance. Plain, specially embroidered, bright, classic, etc. The rim edges of the products with designs of which are with ribbons and the ones whose hoop is completely in the color of raw wood attract attention. Zilli and leather riq prices differ depending on the materials preferred in the products, workmanship, quality and durability.

Skinned and Ringed Riq Types

While producing daff and bendir varieties, different materials are used and thus models with different timbre come out. For example, while there are cymbals on the hoop in cymbal tambourine varieties, the rim of leather tambourine models are covered with leather and covered with leather. The sizes of tambourines vary depending on the diameter of the pulley. Users can choose between small and large sized tambourines in order to have the most functional and suitable instrument. The pulley can be produced from plastic and wood material. In tambourine models with metal bells, the number of cymbals in the pulley section and the number of rows of cymbals can also change. In addition, both leather and cymbal tambourines can be found, and these models promise a wide range of uses. Nickel silver plated tambourines with plastic leather are among the most preferred ones.

Riq Tambourines Suitable for Professional Use

Professional tambourine brands prioritize using quality materials and obtaining the most accurate sounds during the production phase. The arrangement of the cymbals in the models with cymbals is prepared in a way that their components provide a good sound experience. The prices of tambourine with cymbals also differ depending on the brand, the materials used, the sound quality and durability offered. Tunable riq, polyester polished wooden hoop tambourines and original leather tambourines are among the preferences of professional users. However, it should be noted that plastic skinned tambourine models are also widely used. While tuned tambourines appeal to professional musicians more, plastic hooped tambourines are among the most popular instruments of activities such as henna, weddings and special events.

Aesthetic and Functional Designs Riq

Riq dimensions, designs, grip ergonomics can also be different from each other. Thin, light and small sized tambourines stand out for those looking for easy-to-carry tambourines. Small size tambourines produced from the same materials and large size tambourines are of the same quality, width and diameter values ​​do not play a decisive role in durability or quality. The ways of handling the Zilli Riq and the skinned Riq are generally different. The hoop, bell and leather parts can contain different colors. Users can purchase those that have harmonious color combinations, those that form integrity with the tones of a single color, and designs surrounded by special embroidery.