Purple Make Up Mirror

Iznik Tile Artwork Process

Natural and organic colors come together with fine ceramic by the best craftsmen for centuries. It named Iznik çini (Iznik tiles) a kind of tile art hand-painted and traditional motives on it. The history of this art can be traced as far back as the Uighurs of the 8th and 9th centuries. Every detailed items made of quality material and hand-crafted, high-fired in quality glazed ceramic tile. All the pieces have been though centuries traditional process, every item is individually painted and glazed with brushes. All of them are unique.

70-80 percent of an İznik tile is composed of quartz and quartzite. Its beauty arises from the harmonious composition of three successive quartz layers and a paste-slip-glaze combination which is extremely difficult to bring together. The mixture of quartz, clay and glaze disperses in a very hot degrees at 900 centigrade. After painstaking research, the problem of the fluctuating thermal behavior of the tiles due to their quartz and rock crystal composition is solved. The result is a tile made primarily out of a semi-precious stone: quartz.


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Purple Make Up Mirror

Purple Make Up Mirror is decorative and cool women’s accessory. It is completely tile artwork. on fine ceramic. You do not need to look for mirror with this stylish make up mirror. It is easy to carry. Tile artwork is  hand-painted on this stylish make up mirror. It has mineral based colors It has special tile coloring. You can see the traditional patterns with special tile coloring. Those artistic tile artworks have traditional patterns.

This stylish make up mirror is unique and hand-crafted mirror.. Due to the nature of tile artwork, there might be slight difference, variations from the picture of it. You can hardly see the difference. It is extremely fine ceramic. Special gifts for the people you love. This cool women’s accessory gift means that you are the most beautiful gift in this world and There is nothing more beautiful than you. The most beautiful gift is you.

Iznik Tiles , Chini

İznik Tiles or “Chini” is the name of a special quality of fine ceramic tiles and pottery produced  in İznik. We  make them on a very clean white base with hard backs and under glazed decorations in a unique technique. İnzik tile artworks are famous around the worldwide. They are all fine ceramic. They usually have traditional patterns

These artistic tile artworks and pottery represent the cultural and artistic zenith of the Ottoman Empire. The examples of these artistic tile artworks and pottery are the parts of the best collections of museums in Turkey and around the world. The technical knowledge and documentation employed to create these tiles and pottery has almost lost for many reasons These artistic tile artworks were passed on by the Master to apprentice or from father to son. The records are hard to find. Even today Iznik tile artworks are special gifts to give.

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