Reasons To Start Yoga


Here we write 10 reasons to start yoga ;

Yoga from India, as a word that means integration and take control. By establishing mind, soul and body integrity aims to integrate with the universe. An Indian philosophy. Yoga, when building a stronger body system helping to maintain inner peace.

Then why to start yoga immediately and do regular?


  • Yoga is effective on the spine and muscles. It increases the elasticity of the spine and strengthens the muscle structure. Thus correct posture disorders and relieve muscle aches.


  • Breathing exercises provide quality breathing. So, the respiratory system works correctly and it helps you to be aware of what you are now.


  • Yoga gives energy. You start to notice everything around you. It is more like yourself. You will enjoy life more. This is the most healthy fight against stress.


  • The sweats on the yoga, allow the toxins to be removed and the body to be renewed.


  • Yoga enhances the flexibility and resilience of the body. It extends muscles instead of inflating.


  1. Yoga strengthens memory.


  • If you have a psychological illness, yoga accelerate healing process.


  • Yoga allows you to stay on your own. Yoga make you to better recognize and remember yourself.
  • It removes worries and fears by providing flexibility in the diaphragm. You realize that you live and that this is everything.


  • Yoga is effective on the whole body. Each zone is balanced and compatible. You can be a more balanced person.





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