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Turkish Swords Buy Online

The Yataghan Ottoman Swords

Turkish Swords

We want to introduce our online swords with their stories and definitions. When you buy online swords, they have free shipping to all over the world including display stand and wooden case. If you are fan of Turkish online swords, they are affordable swords with high quality and unbreakable features. Our online swords are guaranteed and have enough HRC hardness. After you buy online swords the process begins and we ship it in 24 hours unless you do not ask for engravings and scabbards for your swords. Because the scabbards for your online swords are made to the exact measurements to your swords. One of our favorite online swords is Turkish sword.

Turkish sword (also called kilij) is a sword which is kind of back-sword with one handed use and single-edged blade and moderately curved and used by Uyghur Khaganate, Seljuk Empire, Timurid Empire, Mameluke Empire, Ottoman Empire and Turks. When it comes to a scimitar sword which is a backsword or sabre with a curved blade, originating in the Middle East. This curved sword or “scimitar” was widespread throughout the Middle East from at least the Ottoman period, with early dating to Abbasid era. The first well known scimitar sword was made in Altai. One of the famous sample of Turkish swords belongs to Turkish Commander Attila. It is also known a early sample of Yalmanlı (scimitar) Sword based on Turkish style sword shows the good quality cutting and stabbing futures. The handle is also one of the samples of Turkish and Mongolian swords handles. During 13th and 17th centuries Turkish sword has changed both in geometrically and structurally. In 14th century Yalmanlı  (scimatar) sword has been more significant. It brings some important advantages like carrying easily and dangerously death strikes with its sharpness.

With the help of Yavuz Sultan Selim’s voyage to Egypt, The sword artisans of Mameluke has played important role the change of Turkish swords but still continued to use Yalmanlı (scimatar) swords.

In 17th and 19th centuries Turkish swords has turned into less heavy, shorter and wider swords.

But at the middle of 19th century Turkish swords has lost its importance except among soldiers. Today online Ottoman swords are used for souvenirs and piece of arts which are a heirloom from the past. Our Turkish online swords has the same features which are still real swords and called weapons.

The Yataghan Swords

One of our online swords is The Yataghan. It has specific features and in Ottoman times it was used by every  soldiers. Our online Yataghan swords are made in Yataghan ,Denizli, Turkey. We use stainless steel for online Yataghan swords not likely used in the past.

Yataghan swords are also well known as Turkish swords which is used from 16th to 19 centuries.The yataghan is different from other types of online swords for sure

The pommel of the bone, horn, ivory or silver hilt spreads out in two wings to either side, a feature which prevents the sword slipping out of the hand in battle. A wide thick metal band covers the join between the hilt and blade is usually made of brass. The Yatagan sword’s blade is approximately about 60 to 90 cm in length and are slightly curved towards the sharp edge with single edge blade. In early periods Yataghan people made the swords from railroads iron which was forged naturally. The surface of the blade is usually engraved with motifs or inscriptions, the letters literary, such as a line of poetry or an epic legend, sometimes religious in content, such as a verse from the Koran or a prayer, and sometimes words expressing the thoughts of the sword’s owner. Turkish swords from Yataghan may have a Seal of Solomon motif consisting of a star formed by two superimposed triangles. Lately The Yataghan is used stainless steel. The fuller on the some Ottoman swords are not for decorative purposes but for being sure that you made the deadly stroke and blood is flooding which means the man after that strike has no chance to live anymore.

Ottoman Swords

We have wide range of online swords which is included Ottoman swords. We common Ottoman swords online and also sultans’ swords online. Most popular one is online swords of Mehmed the Conqueror. 

When we heard of Ottoman swords, most of us think of the sword of Mehmed the Conqueror (Turkish: Fatih Sultan Mehmet) It is slightly curved and has sharpness in both blades.

Ottoman Empire was a big empire with its wide borders and the victories of significant wars. It had impacted many cultures and countries. It had naturally created many heroes in the history with Epic legends.Those heroes who were lack of gun but with the swords and bows, won many victories.For sure the war tools were very important and had to be perfect features against to enemies. We also make online Swords  carefully and some of the swords have fuller on them which was important to make the dead-strike during the wars. Those wars reputed the Ottoman swords.They were sharp,one-handed,single-edged and light to carry to fight in the battle.

Today in the town called Yataghan which is also named with its own online swords still continues the Ottoman traditional swords by designing with the modernized materials and replicas. They make and sell online swords with he perfect replicas such as swords of Mehmed the Conqueror, Sultan Selim the Third, The Yataghan or Ertugrul from Kayı Tribe.

Zulfiqar Sword

Zulfiqar is one of the best swords among Muslims.Online Zulfiqar swords have different handles and we offer miniature size Zulfiqar swords online.

History has always been a guiding light to people.People who take lesson from the past have now more knowledge to shape the future. Ali ibn Abi Talib ruled as the fourth caliph who was a historical character for Muslims with his justice and victories. His sword Zulfiqar was also as famous as his victories. The words is told for him and his sword zulfiqar, ‘’There is no one braver than Ali ibn Abi Talib and no sword better than Zulfiqar

It looks different from other swords with its shape and also needs some professions to make it. It is wider than other types of swords.

Today the sword of Caliph Ali is not know where it is but its replicas swords online are made in Yataghan based on historical documents.

Sword of the Prophet MUhammad ( Al-Ma’thur)

There are many sword types of The Prophet Muhammad. You can find one of His swords online in our website based on real measurements. It is called Al-Ma’thur.

It is one  of the swords of the Prophet. sallAllah `aleihi wa sallam. There are nine swords of the Prophet Muhammad, which are preserved in the Topkapi Museum, Istanbul: “Al-Ma’thur” is a precious sword which he inherited from his father, `Abd Allah ibn Muttalib. Engraved in Arabic on its blade above the handle is: “This is the noble sword of the house of Muhammad the prophet, the apostle of God.” The blade of this sword is distinguished from the other swords because of its wave-like design.

Today it is also kept as a sacred trust in Topkapı Museum. There are many replicas swords online which are made based on real measurements.

Buy Turkish Ottoman Dirilis Swords Online

In our website you can buy online Turkish swords, Ottoman swords made with high quality stainless steel. We also offer you Sultans’ swords such as sword of Mehmed the Conqueror, sword of Selim the third.

If you are a fan of Resurrection Dirilis Ertugrul Turkish Tv series, then you will love our Dirilis online swords and Turgut Alp axe too. And you can buy online  Dirilis sword and Turgut Alp axe for sale.

Those scimatar swords for sale via free shipping all over the world. We can engrave the words that you have requested and you can display those affordable swords at your home proudly. If you want to buy Zulfiqar sword online and safe we make the best replica of it. You can also buy online swords replicas of the Prophet Muhammad.

For collectors and people who are looking for something unique and special like the golden replica sword of the prophet Muhammad please contact us.

It is easy to make your online swords care. You should clean it with oil for some time which helps to keep your swords buy online from our website clean.

Our online swords are guaranteed that they are not rusted. If you do not like and want to return your online sword in 14 days we accept it without any questions.

Our priority is to make online swords with high quality and affordable prices. If you read our real customers’ reviews about our online swords that we sell, you will share their experience and have an idea about online swords types.