Traditional Gifts


Traditional Gifts

Traditional gifts are best options for travelers. They want to buy small gifts for people they love and keep a memory for themselves. The big gifts have carring issue. So small gifts are better to carry. Both for yourselves and fort he people we love traditional gifts are light, small and valuable. Do not worry about that. We will give you tips for your Turkey visit and traditional gifts that you can find in Turkey. After this article you will know which city is famous for ? You can find different alternative gift ideas in this blog article.

Best Gifts İdeas

Between Mesopotamia and Mediterranean and on the way of silk road You can visit Gaziantep where is the capital of gourmet delicacies. Baklava with pistachios is famous for all around the world. Gaziantep is not only famous for its delicious food but also natural beauties and historical culture. In ‘’Eski Han’’and bazaars you can find best samples of Turkish handcrafts. The most spectacular thing is in ‘’Bakırcılar Baazar’’ where you can find best hand painted and hand hammered cooper. Hand hammered copper is precious and best gift for you. Also you can find handwork handmade golden or silver accessories. Of course you can buy baklava as a gift. Pistachio means Antep Fıstığı in Turkish And the name of the city is Gazi-Antep which comes from pistachio.

Mardin is the oldest and the most important lands of Mesopotamia. The brotherhood of religions, the center of tolerance and the cuisine of great food is located in Mardin. When you visit Mardin, a perfect scenery welcomes you. You feel like in postcards. Narrow cobblestone streets with houses from old Stones covers around you. The churches are next to mosques here. This amazing atmosphere change your moods up. You should taste ‘’Süryani Wine’’ and then you would absolutely buy one as a gift. Although wine is cool, do not miss ‘’Telkari’’ which is some king of technique to make objects from silver. The difference is the silver wires engrave each other to shape an object. The result is fascinating but not cheap.

If you visit Erzurum, do not come back before you eat ‘’Cağ Kebabı’’ and see ‘’Çifte Minareli Medrese’’ or ‘’Yakutiye Medresesi’’ and ‘’Palandöken’’. The most popular thing is Oltu stone in Erzurum. Oltu Stone is semi-precious stone and it is also known Amber Stone. You can think of buying Oltu stone accessories, earrings, necklaces or paternosters as traditional gifts. It will be good memory for yourself and  it is easy to carry.

Green city Bursa is another attraction for travelers with its ‘’iskender Kebap’’ , ‘’Pideli Köfte’’ or skiing resorts in ‘’Uludağ’’. Bursa is a historical city. Espicially ‘’Cumalikızık’’ is perfect place for photographers. Marrons Glaces are very famous confectioneries in Bursa. Buying confectionery is an option but do not decide before seeing Bursa Knives, silk weavings or towels. Textile and steel are what Bursa is famous for.  High quality absorbent towels and stainless steel knives would be great traditional gifts.

Best Turkish Delights

Safranbolu is slow town and famous for its old style buildings and Turkish delights. You can find organic Turkish delights here. You can taste before buying them. When you taste them you would like to buy kilos of Turkish delights. Because in Turkey Best Turkish delights are made in Safranbolu.


If you are a traveller then you are familiar to Bodrum. It has four seasons beauty. After you taste ‘’Çökertme Kebabı’’ you may want to bring it with yourself which is impossible. However you can ask for recipe. The small White Bodrum houses will hypnotize you. But don’t worry you can buy miniature versions. We advise you to look for Bodrum sandals. They are handmade leather sandals which you can visit the workshops and customize you handmade leather sandals if you like. If you would like something for your home then gourd lamps are for you. Vegetables are art of lightning. Best gourd lamps are in Bodrum and they are unique gifts for people you love. Also in your sweet home you can use it every evening and remember how amazing memories you have.

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Green nature and fresh air, called Rize. The hometown of Turkish tea. If you visit Rize, you should experience collecting tea. You can also visit tea factories and you can buy tea. Even though it is very famous for its tea, there are wooden spoons, hand weaving, organic nuts and ‘’Kemençe’’ are another traditional gifts you may want to have. ‘’Kemençe’’ and  wooden spoons are unique gifts where you can find the best and cheapest. While you are walking around you will see some traditional clothes on women. Those scarfs are handwoven scarfs and belong to Rize. You can only find them in Rize that’s why they are unique gifts too.


Handwoven Kilims

Uşak is small city and you can see the Anatolian people’s habitability here. They welcomes you with their smiling faces. The villages around Uşak you don’t need to go to restaurant, because they invite you to share their lunch or dinner. Oriental rugs, tribal kilims and handwoven kilims will be your favorite rugs. You can also find vintage kilims in the villages which are at least for 40-50 year-old kilims. You can change your home mood with those valuable vintage rugs. If you have modern style, patchwork kilims would be great for your home decoration.

There are many city and many famous items in Turkey. We are going to try to write all of them here. Keep following us and get the best gift ideas first.

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