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Turkish coffee is the name given to a method of cooking coffee, which has been consumed and valued by Anatolian people since the Ottoman Empire. Foam and presentation of the unique Turkish coffee has become a tradition for centuries in Turkey, it has settled in the Turkish culture. It is the only coffee served with its grounds and stands out with this feature. Turkish coffee, which is now an indispensable part of conversations, business agreements, post-meal relaxations, has become widespread with the history of the palace cuisine in the Ottoman Empire and spread to the houses. It has spread so much that the breakfast consumed in the morning between breakfast and lunch is called “breakfast”, that is, “the meal eaten before coffee”.

Despite the fact that coffee is consumed all over the world, it is the only coffee offered with coffee grounds, since this is Turkish coffee, which is the only type of coffee that tells the future, that is, fortune telling. After the coffee is drunk, the grounds left in the cup are covered with the coaster and turned upside down, and after the cup has cooled, rumors are made about the shapes formed by the grounds. Another tradition is that the girl’s side serves coffee on the male side during the ceremonies of asking for a girl. In this catering, while everyone’s coffee is made with sugar, the coffee served to the groom is made bitter, salty, and thus the patience of the groom and how much he wants this marriage is measured. Turkish coffee, UNESCO’s 2013; It was included in the “Intangible Cultural Heritage” list.

Turkish Coffee Varieties

Turkish coffee varieties have also increased to appeal to different tastes with the spread of coffee. These varieties have emerged with different cooking techniques from almost every region.

Menengiç Coffee: This Turkish coffee type is one of the caffeine-free Turkish coffee varieties. Also known as Çedene Coffee.

Dibek Coffee: Dibek is not a cooking method of coffee, but a type of Turkish coffee that contributes to diversity by grinding it. In this method, instead of grinding in the coffee mill, it is beaten with stone and the coffees obtained in this way are cooked.

Mırra: It is the hardest and slowest drinking type of Turkish coffee varieties. This variety, developed by the Arab culture, is consumed quite frequently in the Southeastern parts of our country.

Cilveli Kahve: This type of Turkish coffee is a kind that was used to be seen in girls’ requesting ceremonies. While this Turkish coffee is served, crushed almonds are placed on it and the groom consumes this coffee with the almonds on it.

Süvari Kahvesi: This type of coffee is served in tea glass and it is quite hard. This type of Turkish coffee, which is offered in Adana and its surrounding cities, is also known as Adana Gar Coffee.

Turkish Coffee with Milk: This coffee, which is cooked in the same way as classic Turkish coffee, is usually served to children or offered to guests who want to break the hardness of the coffee. Milk coffee, which has recently entered the menu of large coffee chains, is a taste you should definitely try.

Kervansaray Kahve: This type of Turkish coffee unique to Adıyaman region stands out with its content. In; coffee is served with mastic, carob, cream and salep.

Tatar Coffee: This variety, which is presented with a piece of cream on classic Turkish coffee, is consumed and served by Tatars quite a lot.

All these varieties clearly show the importance given to Turkish coffee culture. Turkish coffee varieties are also sold by companies in line with the demands of consumers who do not want to waste time on developing technology and presentation. Ready Turkish Coffee is easily ready to drink by mixing the coffees from the package with some hot water and makes the classic coffee taste on the palate. Especially in offices, ready-made Turkish coffee packages are consumed quite a lot. Another recently preferred coffee varieties has been Turkish coffee with drop gum. You can buy these flavored coffee types sold by companies. If you want to make it yourself, it will be enough to pour some drops of gum and powder it and mix it with the coffee pot you are cooking.

Turkish Coffee Making

Classical Turkish coffee is cooked by traditional methods for hundreds of years. Turkish coffee recipe has reached its generation from generation to generation and has preserved its authenticity until today. For example; Here is the recipe for Turkish coffee with little sugar:

In the coffee pot; Add two cups of water, a sugar cubes, two teaspoons of coffee and mix. Then, to obtain a lot of foam, open the bottom of the hob on low setting and spread the foam into the cups after the first foam is formed. Then put the coffee pot back on the stove and cook another transport, when the foam forms again, share the coffees in the coffee pot evenly. This traditional flavor; If you want to enjoy it in your homes, offices, drink your conversations and rest hours, you can reach Turkish coffee varieties of the best brands under the category of coffee through Turkeyfamousfor.

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