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Turkish Delight

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Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight is popular confectionery in Turkey.It is the most searched food on net. The reason is its unique taste

Can you desire to eat something that you have never taste it? If you don’t know its taste how you can desire it?

Descriptions are enough to desire? Melten on your tongue, smells like Charlie’s
chocolate factory, besides it is a movie,are those the magic words you need to hear? And how can you stop your prejudice if you have many?

turkish delight - Turkish Delight
Turkish Delight


Now forget all about confectioneries you know. They are ordinary and old. If you like to try new tastes, you are in a right place.

Imagine cotton candy but it is white or brown, and it is with vanilla or cocoa, then imagine it more intense
like a piece of profiterole,it is still cotton candy but much more delicious with its flavour.One of our
traditional dessert Pismaniye that is made in İzmit. If you like something else we have morron
glaces which is made in Bursa that is famous for it walnut trees.

If you have tried all of these then
we advise you halva. Our Saray Halva is popular dessert which tourists try it and take home with
themselves. And our most popular product

Turkish delight

which comes from old times and more
than dessert it is healthy treats for healthy life with their flavours like rose,ginger,tumeric and
saffron. It is not coincidence richness of Turkish cousine and the desserts we make for centuries.If
you are addicted to chocolate, we have many options for you. Like morron glaces in dark chocolate,
pismaniye covered with dark chocolate or saray halva in dark chocolate.Stop your prejudice and try
one of them. Once you try them, they will be on your radar all the time.

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