Turkish Musical Instruments

Turkish Musical instruments, instruments or instruments are instruments invented or adapted to make musical sounds.

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Turkish String Instruments

Strings are a family of instruments in which a bow is shifted on strings and the resulting vibration creates musical sounds. Violin, cello, viola and double bass are the first things that come to mind when it comes to string instruments. The fiddle, which is frequently used in our country, and the latest technology electro spring are also included in this instrument group. String instruments are indispensable instruments of an orchestra and one of the building blocks of classical music.

Wind Instruments

Wind instruments or wind instruments are a family of instruments that produce sound by the vibration of the air, usually by the musician blowing the instrument. They are divided into woodblown and copperblown. You can find clarinet, harmonica, side flute, piccolo, saxophone, block flute, trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, ney, trombone, kaval, mey, tuba, suzafon, horn, oboe, bassoon as well as their accessories here.

Percussion Instruments

Percussion instruments or percussion instruments are used to make sounds and rhythm by hitting or rubbing them with a hand, drumstick or other instrument. The head of this instrument group is the drum. In addition to classical drums, drums (drum kits) and digital drums are also common. Apart from drums, bendir, darbuka, casjon, bongo, maracas, chimes, tumba and xylophone, drumsticks and suitable musical instrument covers are also in percussion instruments.

Stringed Instruments

String instruments are musical instruments that make sounds by pulling and vibrating the strings. There are three types: stringed string instruments, which we have divided into a separate category, stringed instruments in which the strings are pulled and dropped with instruments such as fingers or pena (mainly guitar, lute, qanun, baglama, mandolin, harp, etc.), and percussion strings that make a sound by hitting the strings instruments (dulcimer and sometimes piano).

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