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Caftan Dresses

Red Kebaya

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Traditional Clothes

Reflections of Shalwar, Piece of Traditional Turkish Clothing Item,
on Turkish and World Fashion
As an element of material culture, clothing is one of the most important
elements symbolizing and introducing a nation’s culture, traditions and
customs and life styles. Deriving from the drive at first to be protected
against outside factors, the need to wear has been shaped through the level
of civilization and difference of life styles.
Throughout the centuries, exposed to the great deal of interest by western
societies with their rich clothing culture, our country paved the way for
shalwar, a traditional clothing item, to be recognized by European fashion
designers and led to be reflected on both men’s and women’s fashion line
as a source of inspiration.
In this study, the general features of shalwar, met by a great deal of
interest, and its difference by the regions and its reflections on Turkish and
world fashion has been dealt with.
Key Words: Traditional, Turkish clothing, shalwar (baggy trousers).