UNESCO World Heritage Sites


UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Safranbolu is one of UNESCO World heritage sites , still reflects our culture.  We can say that you will feel like you are back in time while you are in this small historical city. The designed houses, Turkish baths, narrow streets, old bridges, bazaars, local taps and mosques are unique in Safranbolu. You feel like you are in a open air museum. That’s why İt is one of the UNESCO word heritage sites. Traditions are still  living and great artisans protect their old handmade traditions. Tech is far away from Safranbolu .If not , İt would look like anywhere else.


Did you know the name of the city come from the saffron?

Saffron is still grown.They also export the high quality saffron around the world. Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. They make a matchless flavor Turkish Delight with saffron. The reason is, Turkish delight  is lighter and the mineral-rich natural water sprung from Safranbolu is used in the making of this dessert; which means, you must taste and buy lokum ( Turkish delight) as a gift during your visit to Safranbolu.









Old Water Bridge                                                                    Historical Houses



Yemeniciler Bazaar



The houses reflects the age of the time when they built and they are under protection now by government. There are more than 1000 cultural and natural sites which has to be protect in Safranbolu.  It is not surprising to learn that Safranbolu is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Even today art is important in historical bazaars and people live the old art Works like ‘’Semercilik’’, ‘’yemenicilik’’ ‘’demircilik’’ .


Old Bazaar


Safranbolu Streets


In ‘’demirciler’’ bazaar  there are people who are hand graving and hammer the Cooper.

In ‘’yemeniciler’’ bazaar people make handmade  leather shoes.

You can find handmade walking sticks, small model houses, door knockers, old door bells, Leather shoes, colorful handmade bed quilts, wood working, Cooper sets, hand weaving fabric and clothings in old bazaars  , Safranbolu.

They are very popular in marketing and of course very valuable because they carry the traces of the age of it  was first made.

What do you think? Would you visit Safranbolu?

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