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Wet Felting

In the wet felting process, hot water is applied to layers of wool or wool yarns, while repeated agitation and compression causes the fibers to hook together or weave together into a single piece of fabric.

The story of felt was that a shepherd boy lined his sandals with wool to prevent his feet from getting cold. By the end of the day, when he removed his footwear he noticed that the wool had felted. Because he sweated, heated while he was walking.Today felt is popular as a craft.

CARING: If you want to clean your felt, you should need warm water and soap.Wash it soapy warm water twice and then rinse carefully. Let it dry. That’s it. Enjoy your felt.

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nuno-felted-placemat-big-spiral-traditional handmade gift-needle felting-wet felting-nuno felting
nuno-felted-placemat-blue-waves-wet felting-needle felting-traditional handmade gift shop-fine artnuno felted placemat blue waves 1 247x296 - Nuno Felted Placemat Blue Waves
nuno-felted-placemat-flowers-neddle felting-felted wool-handmade giftnuno felted placemat flowers 1 247x296 - Nuno Felted Placemat Flowers
nuno-felted-placemat-ocean-stripes-nuno felted scarves-perfect handmade gifts-wet feltingnuno felted placemat ocean stripes 1 247x296 - Nuno Felted Placemat Ocean Stripes
nuno-felted-placemat-red-point-needle felting-wet felting-felting woolnuno felted placemat red point 1 1 247x296 - Nuno Felted Placemat Red Point
nuno-felted-placemat-windy -nuno-felitng-wet-felting-fine-art-decoration-traditional-handmade-gift-shop
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Nuno Felted Scarf Green Leaves-felted scarf-felting scarf-fine art-green leaves-felting projectsnuno felted scarf green leaves 247x296 - Nuno Felted Scarf Green Leaves
Nuno Felted Scarf Grey Dream-traditional handmade gifts-fine art-nuno felted scarf
nuno felted scarf orange 1 300x300 1 247x296 - Nuno Felted Scarf OrangeIMG 0287 247x296 - Nuno Felted Scarf Orange
wet-felted-rug-authentic-unique felted rug-best handmade rugwet felted rug authentic 1 247x296 - Wet Felted Rug Authentic
wet-felted-rug-couples-cool decorating idea-needle felted flower-wet felted rugs-felting techniqueswet felted rug couples 1 247x296 - Wet Felted Rug Couples
wet-felted-rug-green-spiral-felting projects-turleufamousfor-wet felted rug green spiral 2 247x296 - Wet Felted Rug Green Spiral
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