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Turkish warrior Turgut Alp Who is Turgut Alp? Here is the biography of Turgut Alp

t is claimed that Turgut Alp, who has little information about his life, is not a historical figure, but a legendary person who appeared in folk narrations. In addition to this claim, the name is mentioned due to various military activities in some Byzantine sources besides the first Ottoman chronicles. The word Alp in its name is a title. This title indicates that he or his father had a liveliness in the service of the Seljuk State.

It is known that Turgut Alp was alive in 1334-35 but was quite old. There are some rumors about the proximity of Geyikli Baba, one of the dervishes living near Keşiş Mountain in İnegöl. The name of Turgut Alp was given to İnegöl region after his death and this place was called as Turgut-province. Aşıkpaşazâde, Neşri, and other historians, who were among the historians living in the early Ottoman period, also called the region of İnegöl as Turgut-province. This naming has disappeared since the 16th century.

Turgut Alp’s Ax

Turgut Ax, inspired by the ax in the museum.

It is produced using real wood and real steel.

Turgut Alp Axe Real Turgut Alp Dirilis Ertugrul
Turgut Alp Axe Real Turgut Alp Dirilis Ertugrul

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According to the rumors in the first Ottoman sources, Turgut Alp was with Osman Bey and participated in the acquisition of Yarhisar and was then commissioned with the conquest of Inegol. In the sources, it is mentioned that Turgut Alp was surrounded by the city and Osman Bey came to the aid. It was also noted that during the conquest of Inegol, the city’s dignity, Aya Nikola, was executed due to hostile movements against the Turks and the city’s administration was given to Turgut Alp. Later Turgut Alp, along with Köse Mihal, joined the conquest of Atranos, or Orhaneli, next to Orhan Gazi. Receiving the news that Orhan Bey came, the judge of Atranos fell from a rock while dying from the fortress and the castle was easily captured. At the same time, the acquisition of Atranos facilitated the conquest of Bursa.

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