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Traditional Gifts

Why Traditional Gifts?

Traditional  gifts are still handmade and their artisans are very few in Turkey.

Nevertheless many  people can buy anything they want,maybe not in a week or a year but if they want it so much they can do every possible way to get it.Those are generally car, watch,house,parfume,technological devices,make up things, dresses,suits,holiday,service or more.I admit that it is always enjoyable.But the people who see beyond the object,they just look for something meaningful


  1. A small hand woven pullover is a lot fort hem or a rare hand made product such as collectible doll,hand made lightning,handmade shoes,hand made walking stick as an accessory or maybe handmade musical instrument.They prefer meaningful objects carries the traditional identity. Because they know traditional means work of art,history of a culture,the emotions of an artisan,the reflection of society with its color, shape, usage, artistic, and the imperfect efforts


  • Those people are lucky. Because they see a lot. They ask they know what they want,they are always happy with unexpected one,they are beyond the edges of society.They appreciate the work of art and they contribute the cultures. In their house you can find characteristic items which are small in details but makes their lives beautiful with those details.

Colledtible Dolls, Kitre Dolls


Kemaliye Door Knockers, Collectible Knockers

Handmade Lighting, Gourd Lamps

  1. Everybody meet someone like that or know around you,a father a lover, a sister, a mother, a boss, a relative,a friend they may be. If you have them,
  2. you are lucky.
  3. Because you are another detail in their lives. Appreciate them with your love and give them meaningful gifts. for example something traditional something handmade something special. Of course they are the one whom you don’t want to loose.